Joe's Pizza: Classic New York City Slice

Joe's Pizza has been dishing the definitive New York City pizza slice since 1975. After famously serving Greenwich Village for nearly 40 years, they have garnered a reputation for having the perfect piece of pie. In fact, Joe's Pizza has topped lists for years as making one of the best pizzas in the country!

On a recent night we were in the mood for a hot snack so we decided to give the Carmine Street location a try. The small, intimate spot looks like your typical no nonsense New York pizzeria. From behind the glass counter the worker asked what we wanted and we told him "a slice." He pulled a fresh pie from the oven, cut it in record time and slid the pizza onto a white paper plate.


We sat at the window and dug in. The piping hot pizza is exactly what we expected for a New York style slice and we were very happy with the taste and texture. It wasn't the best pizza we've ever had, but it was undoubtedly a solid, well executed treat. The crust was cracker thin, crisp and fresh and the tomato sauce was nicely salty and tangy. The cheese was perfectly gooey and had a nice chewy bite. It's amazing how much flavor you can get out of such a simple concoction.

The past few years here in NYC has seen hole-in-the-wall 99¢ pizza slice places pop up on seemingly every corner. While some of these places actually serve decent pizza, it's comforting to see places like Joe's continue to produce quality pizza at a reasonable price. We thought $2.75 for a slice of cheese was pretty fair, if not standard for old school pizzerias. We definitely suggest giving Joe's Pizza a try if you're in the mood for a quality snack and a classic taste of New York.

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