Krispy Kreme Summer Fruit Collection: PINEAPPLE, STRAWBERRY & KEY LIME DOUGHNUTS!

    Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is bringing the sunshine with their Summer Fruit Doughnut Collection! Each NEW flavored doughnut is based on a classic summer fruit and they're so doggone tasty we can barely contain our excitement!

Pineapple Doughnut: Stuffed with tangy, tropical pineapple filling, this vivacious doughnut will transport your tastebuds to a sunny island getaway!

Strawberry Doughnut: This dazzling confection is filled with strawberry-jam and tastes just like a lazy summer afternoon. You'll do a lil jig after biting into this one!

Key Lime Doughnut: Our favorite is crammed full of luscious Key Lime Kreme. This devilishly delicious doughnut tastes just like the iconic summer pie!

Which new Krispy Kreme Summer Fruit Doughnut will you try? Head on over to your local KK and try 'em for yourself while supplies last!

For a limited time only.
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