Larry's Venice Beach California: Burger Lunch Deluxe

After checking out the scenery at Muscle Beach in sunny Venice Beach, California, Snaxtime decided it would be a great idea to grab a burger lunch. Larry's, located at 24 Winward, Ave., just off the famous Venice Beach Boardwalk, was recommended by a friend and looked to be the perfect casual, hip spot with a creative and comforting menu.

We started out with some imaginative cocktails, our favorite being the Delicious, a devious concoction of rum, coconut cream, lemon, pineapple and red wine. The Sleepy Jean cocktail was crafted with vodka, creme de banana, lemon and simple syrup -- we could'a drank this one out of a pint glass! The Epitaph was smooth and savory with tequila, spicy red pepper, lemon, sweet agave and cucumber -- all with a salted rim.

For the main event, we tried a Joe's Burger which came with a beautifully grilled 1/2 lb beef patty topped with zesty pepper jack cheese, smoky bacon, fried shallots and a sweet BBQ aioli, all on peppery arugula and inside a grilled, soft bun. The flavors scrumptiously melded together in this melty, sinful sandwich! We also had some of Larry's fries which were salty and delicious and came with 3 tasty sauces.

To finish things off on a sweet note, we sampled the Sticky Toffee Pudding, which was hot, sugary and indeed sticky with a topping of salted caramel. A dainty scoop of cold vanilla ice cream and a light dusting of powdered sugar highlighted the flavors of this heartening treat.

After patting our bellies and strolling back out to the boardwalk, we really felt that Larry's captured the carefree spirit of Venice Beach with their fanciful food and drink. We're sure glad we popped in!

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