Lay's Southern Biscuits And Gravy Flavored Potato Chips

We've seen a lot of new creative potato chip flavors hit the shelves lately, most of which are great gimmicks but don't really taste like how they are advertised. We recently reviewed Lay's Bacon Mac & Cheese and 7-Eleven's Select Maple Bacon flavored potato chips, and we found both to be flavorful and fun in concept, but overall they tasted only somewhat like the foods they were modeled after. As a result, we were skeptical to try Lay's new Southern Biscuits And Gravy flavored potato chips, especially since biscuits and gravy is one of our favorite Southern meals.

Upon opening the bag of chips, the scent immediately reminded us of old fashioned buttermilk biscuits coated in savory sawmill gravy (white gravy with meat drippings). Then the flavor blew us away! We were shocked by how much these potato chips taste like the real thing. The product ingredients list real buttermilk, cream and sour cream, and these flavors really help replicate the taste of biscuits and gravy. The chips have a very realistic and present sausage flavor as well and a nice amount of gravy seasoning. They also have a subtle milky sweetness and a nice kick of paprika and black pepper. We downed the entire bag and licked our fingers afterwards. The flavors really brought us back to growing up in the South. In fact, Lay's new chips are more faithful to the Southern classic than a lot of the actual biscuits and gravy served at "Southern" themed restaurants in NYC.

This flavor is currently in the running for Lay's Do Us A Flavor contest. If you like it as much as we did, make sure you vote here to ensure that this variety remains available.

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