Little Debbie Zebra Nutty Bars: HYBRID MUTANT SNACKS!

Little Debbie is getting in on the hybrid food trend with her NEW Zebra Nutty Bars! For this fun snack food product, Debbie morphs together two of her classic favorites, Zebra Cakes and Nutty Bars. Crispy cookie wafers filled with smooth peanut butter are enveloped in a sweet white chocolate flavored coating and drizzled with milk chocolate flavored stripes.

We tried these new snacks and found them to be tasty and toothsome. Overall, they are very similar to original Nutty Bars, but with a more subtle chocolate taste and a way more interesting look. These individually wrapped treats are only 120 calories and real sugar is the main ingredient so you know they are going to be totally sweet and delicious!

Zebra Nutty Bars are a part of Little Debbie's Zebra Collection. Zebra Cakes, Brownies and Cake Rolls are also available!

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