M&M's Coffee, Honey and Chili Nut: CRAZY NEW FLAVORS!

This election year, M&M's is letting YOU decide on its new peanut flavor! Choose between Coffee Nut, Honey Nut and Chili Nut. We tried all three and this is what we found:

Coffee Nut: The coffee and cream flavor in this new variety is super strong! With the peanut crunch, it tastes a lot like a chocolate covered coffee bean coated in M&M's signature candy shell.

Honey Nut: This is the most surprising flavor. We expected it to taste like a regular honey roasted peanut inside of an M&M, but it starts with the taste of malted condensed milk and ends with the flavor of Bit-O-Honey (honey flavored taffy).

Chili Nut: Shockingly, this one tastes the most like classic Peanut M&M's. The difference is that these candies have a super spicy kick of chili heat!

While it was fun trying all three new varieties, our vote goes to good ole fashioned Peanut M&M's. We just don't see ourselves popping any of the new flavors by the handful. But if you want to have your voice heard, grab these new flavors, give 'em a try then text VOTE to 87654 or go to facebook.com/mms.

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