McDonald's ALL DAY BREAKFAST: McMuffin by Moonlight!

"The long wait is over. It's time for ALL DAY BREAKFAST."

The wait is indeed over, as McDonald's finally releases its all day breakfast menu. In an effort to improve collapsing sales, McDonald's will now serve a limited version of its popular breakfast menu. Items will vary depending on where you live -- in NYC you will get muffin sandwiches and in The South, biscuits. We're more biscuit people, but because we're based in New York we did not have a biscuit option. That's not to say we're still not elated. We tried a piping hot and fresh Sausage McMuffin with Egg which came with gooey American cheese. It was delectable and the fact that we ate it at 9 o'clock at night made it that much more special. The question remains if all day breakfast will improve profits for McD's. The novelty could wear off soon and McDonald's could still find itself in a pickle.

Try your McDonald's Sausage McMuffin with some plain mustard. This tasty condiment is virtually calorie-free and will add a spike of vibrant flavor to your already delicious breakfast sandwich! 

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