McDonald's Chicken Selects: ZOMBIE TENDERS SHOCKER!

They're BAAACK! McDonald's has recently resurrected a popular classic from the tombs -- Chicken Selects. A while back, McDonald's fans were up in arms when McDs decided to pull the fried treat from its menu. But rest assured, the crispy strips have returned and they're just as delicious as ever -- or so we think...

Strangely, McDonald's has changed the name from "Chicken Selects Strips" to "Chicken Select Tenders." Are these an entirely new breed of fast food chicken? Have the ingredients in the recipe been altered? The conspiracy is afoot! But whatever the case may be, these tenders resemble the original strips and from what we can recollect, taste very much the same.

Juicy, tender premium white meat chicken is coated in a savory, peppery breading then fried golden brown to perfection. We recommend you dunk 'em in some Spicy Buffalo Sauce first then dip 'em in some Creamy Ranch Sauce.

These mysterious strips are only 370 calories for a 3-piece order (525 w/ the sauces) and packed with 23 grams of muscle-building protein. And after tax they're only $3.25!

Are you brave enough to give these undead chicken tenders a try?

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