McDonald's Fresh Beef Burgers: HOT N JUICY QUARTER POUNDER w/ CHEESE!

Starting this month, McDonald's is ditching its frozen beef patties for 100% FRESH North American beef in all of its premium burgers (Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Signature Crafted Recipe burgers). Each burger will now be cooked when you order, so you may need to wait a tad longer -- but is it worth it?

We went all out and tried a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese. We noticed right away that the burger was piping hot and seemingly more fresh in appearance than we're used to with a McDonald's burger. The meat was indeed juicier and more substantial in flavor and the toothsome texture was more like what we would expect from a premium burger using fresh beef.

McDonald's has taken a classic sandwich and made it even better. We would argue that this burger is on par with many more expensive restaurant burgers out there. Needless to say, we're lovin' it!

    image McDonald's

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