Enter a McDonald's in Hawaii and you might find a unique treat not available at mainland McDonald's, Haupia Pie. Haupia is a traditional Hawaiian pudding made with sweetened coconut milk that is gelatinous in texture and typically served chilled or at room temperature. McDonald's Haupia Pie is a new take on the classic dessert with a thick, coconut flavored hot custard stuffed into a deep fried pie crust.

The flavor of the pie is very well balanced, subtle, smooth and not very sweet at all -- we adored it! And we especially loved that the pie is fried, like how McDonald's apple pies used to be on the mainland decades ago. For a hearty snack, try pairing it with some fries and a frosty soda.

If you're a fan of fast food, make sure to seek out a McDonald's when visiting Hawaii. Haupia Pie is seasonal, however, and tends to rotate shifts with Sweet Taro Pie.

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