McDonald's Lobster Roll: NEW ENGLAND EXCLUSIVE!

McDonald's USA serves a fast food lobster roll? Indeed! But you'll have to travel to a participating location in New England to savor this oceanic treat. McDonald's Lobster Roll uses 100% real North Atlantic lobster and the amount of meat you get for only $7.99 is super impressive.

We ordered a lobster roll at a McDonald's in Milford, CT, and it had a claw piece of lobster the size of a baby doll arm! The sandwich tasted pretty darn tasty too. The meaty lobster had a nice flavor and it tasted great alongside some of McDonald's signature fries. We do think the roll could have been even better, though. This is a cold lobster salad roll, not the hot butter style of roll, which is fine. We love a cold lobster roll, but McDonald's lobster could use some mayo, and the toasted roll needs a generous slathering of melted, salted butter. Those suggestions aside, this McDonald's product is a winner and we recommend you seek one out if you happen to be in New England.

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