McDonald's NEW Premium Southwest Crispy Chicken McWrap

McDonald's Premium McWraps have been a huge success so it's nice to see them introduce a new variety with their Southwest McWrap, albeit for a limited time. With this new wrap, McDonald's is seasoning the chicken with a cilantro lime glaze and pairing it with fresh spring greens, sliced tomato, cheddar cheese and crispy tortilla chips. The wrap is then finished off with a creamy habanero ranch sauce. The Southwest McWrap has an impressive spicy kick and the flavor and texture combinations are delightful. The glaze and sauce together taste like Tabasco with a sweet tang. And the crispiness and corn taste of the tortilla chips meld well with the warm, soft flour tortilla.

With all of the Premium McWraps, opt for the crispy chicken over the grilled. Flavor-wise the crispy chicken is in a different league and the added calories are worth it!

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