McDonald's Peaches & Crème Pie: Sweet NYC Summer

The tides are turning and The Big Apple is finally getting the recognition it deserves (from McDonald's)! This past Christmas season, the rare and coveted McDonald's Holiday Pie was finally served to hungry Manhattanites. And now, McDonald's has made available to the New York City market the elusive summer confection, the Peaches & Crème Pie! We heard about the Peaches & Crème Pie a while back and could only imagine what it tasted like, but to our surprise, when looking for a snack today at McDonald's, we noticed that the fruity sensation had finally arrived!

The Peaches & Crème Pie is reminiscent of McDonald's Strawberry & Crème Pie, but instead of a warm, bright red berry filling, you now get a warm golden-hued peachy fruit filling alongside the rich and silky crème. The crisp pie crust seems to have a sweet lacquer on it which works well with the fruity burst of peaches and "cream" flavor awaiting you inside. We loved it! This pie is really special.

Try one (or 2!) if your local McDonald's carries them because they are only available for a limited time.
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