Milky Way Marshmallow: Limited Edition Candy Dreams!

Marshmallow fans rejoice! Mars Chocolate North America is bringing candy season a bit early with their delectable Limited Edition Milky Way Marshmallow with Caramel. Soft marshmallow is topped with gooey sweet caramel and enveloped in smooth milk chocolate. This new version of the classic American candy bar is fluffier in texture than original Milky Way, and just as toothsome and delicious. The rich caramel and creamy chocolate are the perfect ingredients to showcase the light and decadent marshmallow center. If you're a big marshmallow fan, run to your local candy provider and stock up on Milky Way Marshmallow before it blasts off for parts unknown!

Frank C. Mars created the original Milky Way candy bar in 1923. It was not named after our galaxy, but after a malted milkshake flavor that was popular at the time!
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