Munchies Canadian Edition: Snacks, Eh!

Finding yourself with an attack of the munchies north of the border? Munch on these Canadian snacks!

Diète 7UP: Tastes just like Diet 7UP!
Fanta Soda Mousse: Cream soda flavored Fanta that's smooth AND tangy!
C'Plus Orange: Canadian decaffeinated Sunkist, kissed with a drop of Sunkist Juice!
Hawkins Cheezies: Made with REAL Canadian cheddar cheese!
Doritos Fromages Poivrés: Black Pepper Jack Doritos for a limited time only!
Reese Peanut Butter Cups: They drop the "S" in Canada and give you 3 (smaller) candy cups!
Nestlé Coffee Crisp: Coffee flavored chocolate candy bar that "makes a nice light snack!"

Blast those munchies cravings, the Canadian way!
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