Nestle Japan Strawberry Kit Kat: Imported Fruity Blast

Snaxtime loves trying Japanese snack foods, so we're very lucky to have access to Japanese products right here in New York City. On a recent trip to Japanese supermarket Sunrise Mart, located on the 2nd floor of 29 3rd Ave, we were greeted at the entrance by a big bin filled with bags of snack-size Strawberry Kit Kat! We adore regular Kit Kat and remember fondly how much we enjoyed Green Tea Kit Kat when in Tokyo years ago.

Digging right in (after purchasing them of course), the first thing we noticed was the very realistic strawberry flavor. A glance at the ingredients revealed that these fruity candy bars are made with real STRAWBERRY JUICE POWDER and DRIED STRAWBERRY! The tartness of the strawberries, the richness of the cacao and the crispiness of the wheat cracker combine to make a delicious candy that somehow has the signature Kit Kat flavor despite the different ingredients.  In short, we thought Strawberry Kit Kat was super rad! If you're a Kit Kat fan and you like to try interesting new things, and if you're lucky enough to find these imported treats, grab them!

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