NEW McDonald's Chicken McNuggets: MEATY MAKEOVER!

In its constant quest to improve on its product and image, McDonald's has given their iconic Chicken McNuggets a makeover. All McNuggets are now made with no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. While it's certainly a commendable move for McD's to make their food more natural and preservative-free, how do the new McNuggets stand up to the original recipe?

We visited our local McDonald's to put the new McNuggets to the test. Overall, the new product is undoubtedly similar to the original, but we did find some slight differences. The new McNuggets seem somewhat emaciated with a smaller, thinner look and a less crispy texture. The chicken inside was noticeable less fluffy in consistency and seemed more fibrous and chickeny in flavor and appearance. We remember the original McNuggets being more pillowy and crisp with a more prominent batter and more delectable tasting filling. Although the changes are subtle, they are enough to have us already miss the older recipe. Certainly with the new McNuggets you can rest assured that you're eating a more natural product, but who goes to McDonald's for their wholesomeness anyways?

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