NEW Taco Bell Quesarito: Quesadilla Wrapped Burrito

It's really all quite simple, and genius: a burrito consisting of rice, meat, chipotle sauce and sour cream is rolled up in a quesadilla instead of a plain tortilla, and then grilled. Taco Bell's Quesarito hits the scene nationwide this week and it's sure to be a smash hit. By using a quesadilla instead of a tortilla, Taco Bell is guaranteeing that your burrito will be loaded with a copious amount of gooey, hot delicious cheese. We tried a Quesarito with beef (there was hardly any beef in ours, but we blame whoever made it) and it was savory, melty and super tasty. Although it's really just a combination of regular Taco Bell ingredients and flavors, it somehow felt like we were eating something entirely new.

Apparently you can order something similar off of Chipotle's 'secret' menu, but Taco Bell has really done everybody a service by making this a regular menu item.

Make it a fiesta and try your Quesarito with some Mountain Dew Sangrita Blast!

The Quesarito is also available with steak or chicken.
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