Night of the Creeps (1986): Dinner & A Movie

I put my arm around you
When I heard you gasp
Then their heads exploded
And you started to giggle

For a spine-tingling, gut-busting twist on movie night, try this wacky fun idea for Dinner & A Movie!

Creepy Crawly Dinner and a B-Movie for Two

7-Eleven Corn Dog Bites w/ Honey Mustard Dip
7-Eleven Sour Neon Gummi Worms
Flamin' Hot Crunchy Cheetos
Diet Pepsi Gulps

Feature Film:
"Night of the Creeps" (1986)
Aliens, parasitic slugs, axe-murderers, boobies, zombie dates! "Night of the Creeps" is an overlooked 80's zombie horror/comedy gem that packs a punch with tons of outrageous gore and clever humor. Parasitic slugs from outer space plague a college campus, turning the students into hideous, mindless zombies. Chris and Cynthia team up with Detective Cameron to try and stop the infestation!
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