Noah Kloster Bob's Big Boy Cement Sculpture: AMERICANA ART!

Noah Kloster Bob's Big Boy Sculpture

Artist Noah Kloster encapsulates the jovial spirit of American diner culture with his playful series of Big Boy sculptures.

Noah Kloster’s handmade sculptures are an homage to the iconic restaurant chain, Bob’s Big Boy, which first opened in 1936 and featured the beloved, cartoonish burger loving boy as its mascot. Today few Bob’s Big Boys remain, one of them being the oldest existing location in Burbank, CA, which proudly displays one of Kloster’s sculptures in the restaurant’s entrance showcase.

Released in December of 2020, Kloster’s second series of about 100 concrete Big Boy sculptures features a reinforced steal inner structure and removable plaster burger. Each 5 lb hand sculpted, poured and painted Big Boy stands around 9 inches tall and is individually signed and numbered.

Noah’s Big Boys are currently being exhibited and sold at Fishs Eddy in New York City, which is where we scored our very own, #005!


Noah Kloster Big Boy Sculptures
Noah Kloster Bob's Big Boy Sculptures
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