Oscar Mayer CookOut Fun (1959): Vintage Hot Dog Party

"The Twilight Zone" was on, his favorite television program, but he could barely pay attention. Tomorrow was going to be the best day of his life. It took some convincing, but his folks finally gave in to having his class over for the first day of summer. There were going to be SO many hot dogs -- his all time favorite food. Dad's grill was huge and the thought of all those juicy Oscar Mayer weiners sizzling on a roaring flame was enough to send him into a tizzy!

There was going to be chili, and Cheez Whiz and bowls of chopped onion and sweet relish and lots of ice cold Pepsi-Cola. He told mom to pick up extra bottles of ketchup and mustard and sister was going to make her famous ambrosia marshmallow salad. Donut was going to be allowed off the leash and the neighbors were lending their polkadot inflatable pool. Maybe he would sneak Donut a hot dog when Dad wasn't looking. Hot dogs were Donut's favorite food too!

front cover image from the 1959 paperback Oscar Mayer CookOut Fun
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