PEPSI PERFECT FAIL: Fans Furious Over Botched 'Back to the Future' Release!

It was supposed to be a fun and exciting gift to die hard Pepsi fans on Back to the Future Day. Earlier this month, Pepsi announced it would be releasing a very limited edition batch of Pepsi Perfect, the Pepsi of the future as seen in the 1989 blockbuster hit movie "Back to the Future Part II." Pepsi publicized that the bottles would be sold online on October 21st for $20.15, reflecting the date and year the movie takes place. Pepsi even teased the release with an updated website and a glossy, beautifully produced Pepsi Perfect commercial.

Things went awry, however, at the stroke of midnight on the 21st when fans realized that Pepsi had already sold out of the product on and, after the retro-bottles went on sale earlier than expected, on October 20th.

It wasn't long before greedy sellers began selling Pepsi Perfect for hundreds of dollars on eBay. Furious fans took to social media, expressing their displeasure with what Pepsi had done.

In an attempt to make things right, Pepsi later tweeted their intention to fix their blooper with another release on 11/3. We'll see then if they can turn this ship around, and save some face on the Twittersphere:

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