We recently sat down with Mattel's Pizza Party Kevin on a cold blustery January day to talk all things parties, girls and of course Pizza Hut Pizza. Here's what he had to say!

It's nice to meet you, Kevin. How's your day been so far?
Pretty radical. I landed some tight tricks on my ride over here!

Nice! Well thank you for granting us this exclusive interview. We've seen you around town a lot with Pizza Party Skipper and Pizza Party Courtney. What have you guys been up to?
Pizza parties no doubt! It's kinda our thing.

What’s your favorite kind of crust?
Ya know, I’m an old school Pizza Hut Pan Pizza kinda dude. Nothin' beats the original . . . but stuffed crust ain’t bad either.

Catsup or ketchup?
For reals? Ketchup! Catsup's for posers.

Coke or Pepsi?
Pepsi, duh. But sometimes you need Coke for an ill party.

Would you say that a pizza party is the best kind of party?
Totally, for sure. There ain’t no party like a pizza pie party. Although a hot dog party can be hella gnarly too.

Hmm, OK. What kinds of things do you like to do at pizza parties?
Dancin', rad chicks and sick party games like flip cup and hide-the-wiener. You know, the classics.

We don't know that last game.
Oh it's mad dope. I play with Ken all the time!

And how about Barbie?
Nah, she's kinda sketch.

You seem to be sending us some mixed messages, Kevin. Are you saying you’re into pizza AND hot dogs?
Let’s just say pepperoni and sausage are my favorite toppings.

Oh wow. Well thank you for your time, Kevin. We really appreciate it. And send our best to Skipper and Courtney!
Sure thing!

Pizza Party Kevin was released by Mattel in 1994 alongside Pizza Party Courtney and Pizza Party Skipper. The toys featured Pizza Hut and Pepsi products.

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