Pop-Tarts Frosted Pumpkin Pie: FALL FLAVORED FUN

Everything is pumpkin pie spice flavored (or scented) this time of year. From lattes to candy to chapstick to candles, pumpkin pie spice is king from September through the holidays. It's not surprising, then, that Kellogg's has released limited edition Frosted Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts. What's refreshing about this new product is that these breakfast snack treats focus more on the whole pie and less on the spice. These Pop-Tarts are made with actual pumpkin pie ingredients like pumpkin, eggs and molasses. And of course, the spices are there too like cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and vanilla.

We rather enjoyed these Pop-Tarts because they really do taste like pumpkin pie. The signature Pop-Tart crust tastes a lot like regular pie crust and the sugary frosting with sprinkles adds a toothsome sweetness to the rich, spiced pumpkin custard filling. For a fun, old-fashioned flavored breakfast treat that'll get your family into the Halloween spirit, give these tasty turnovers a try!

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