Popeyes Chicken Sandwich: SPICY FRENZY SHOCKER!

We’ve weathered the storm to try Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, America’s most coveted and controversial fast food menu item. For this sought-after sandwich, Popeyes is frying up a seasoned, all-white meat chicken breast in a crunchy buttermilk coating and topping it with thick sliced pickles and Classic or Spicy Mayonnaise, all nestled inside a buttered brioche bun. The result is a super juicy, flavorful chicken sandwich with plenty of crunch and loads of scrumptious flavor. The Spicy Sandwich packs even more punch with a surprisingly hot mayo that keeps your mouth zinging long after the last bite.

Does Popeyes new Chicken Sandwich live up to the hype? Indeed it does! Popeyes has solidified its top ranking in the chicken wars with this incredibly tasty sandwich so strap on your protective gear and get in line because this flavor bomb is well worth the wait!


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