Power Rangers in Space: Intergalactic 90's TV Megastar

Power Rangers Carlos, Cassie, T.J. and Ashley travel into space and team up with Andros, a human from space colony KO-35, to rescue their mentor Zordon who has been captured by the universe's most evil forces. On their quest they must combat against Astronema, the princess of evil, as she and her legion of monsters, Quantrons and star-fighters desperately attempt to stop the rangers from completing their mission.

The coolest costumes
The raddest rides
The greatest gadgets
The dreamiest cast

"Power Rangers in Space" (1998-1999) is the brightest chapter in the Power Rangers universe -- a retro, sci-fi techno telenovela -- a neon fantasy with brilliant B-caliber performances and warp-speed action.

In space, dreams do come true.
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