Quick Burger France: Snaxtime Global Special Report

Quick Burger France: Snaxtime Global Special Report

A SNAXTIME GLOBAL special corespondent/investigative snack reporter was live on the scene at Quick Burger in Aix-en-Provence, France with this breaking news. Read on!

     (Photos: Jeff Mertz, SG)

QUICK QUALITY BURGER RESTAURANT: Quick Giant Junior & Framboise Milkshake
By Jeff Mertz
At some point, as you're sinking your teeth through a Quick Giant Junior, you realize that your culinary journey has political implications reaching far beyond the “Quality Burger Restaurant” where you sit. It doesn’t matter if you ordered fries and a drink and were instead awarded a raspberry shake whose consistency resembles melted cheese; it doesn’t matter how boner-shrinking the size of your hamburger is; it doesn’t matter that you are weirdly bothered by the asian-inspired decor that borders the empty hole in the wall you stumbled into. You didn’t come for quality. You came for the oldest hamburger in France, to taste the history. The Quick advertisements around town don’t contain text or logos of any sort, and they don’t need to. They know you know that at the end of the day, there’s only one burger for you. Around these parts, a Quick burger doesn’t just have a cute history and simple image; it’s a burger with authority. And suddenly, with your Giant Junior and framboise milkshake disappeared, you understand. The power of a Quick burger is beyond you to grasp, because despite its humble stature, it’s actually pretty damn good, and for less than three euros, a pretty good deal at that.

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