Russell Stover Pecan Pie Big Bite Candy Bar

We like pumpkin pie, but we've always much preferred its nuttier, sweeter cousin, pecan pie. Pumpkin pie and pumpkin pie spice flavored products seem to dominate the snack world during Thanksgiving/Christmas time so it was cool to discover that Russell Stover has released a Pecan Pie Big Bite candy bar this holiday season.

Pecan Pie doesn't have chocolate in it, although there are certainly many variations on this classic dessert. Russell Stover's Pecan Pie Big Bite is covered in chocolate coating and placed on a graham cracker crust. While we often do see chocolate being introduced into pecan pie recipes, graham crust is usually reserved for cheesecakes and s'mores, so right off the bat this new product is not very reminiscent of the traditional pie. Also, the bar is topped with chopped pecans, not whole pecans like you'd find on a slice of pecan pie. But how does it taste? VERY sweet! And kind of fudgy. The chocolate and graham actually dominate the flavor profile and the filling tastes a lot like maple nut fudge. The fudgy texture also takes away from the illusion of pecan pie, which has a more silky, gooey texture to the filling.

Overall, the candy bar tastes very good but it is a far cry from the classic holiday dessert. We think it should have been named Maple Nut Fudge S'Mores Big Bite. Whatever the case, Russell Stover Pecan Pie Big Bite is a unique new product and we can see ourselves eating it again.

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