Sabritas Doritos Dinamita Chile Limón: Takis Knockoff

A few years back, Mexican snack food company Barcel introduced Takis, a corn roll-shaped snack chip with BOLD fiery flavors like Salsa Brava, Fuego and Nitro.  The spiciness of the snack chips gained notoriety and Takis became a quite popular and sought after snack food, especially with Latin consumers. We tried Takis a while back and could barely eat them. The extreme sourness and spiciness of the Nitro (habanero chile) variety reminded us of eating battery acid.

Now Sabritas, Pepsico's Frito-Lay products division in Mexico, has released onto the American snack food scene Doritos Dinamita (spanish for dynamite). In reality, these "new" corn snacks are a blatant ripoff of Takis. They even taste just the same! We tried the Chile Limón flavor and found them to be extremely sour and spicy. We even started to sneeze out of control after just 3 rolls! Despite the harsh flavor of the lime and chili, the corn flavor is quite nice and reminded us of handmade corn tortillas one might find in a Mexican restaurant. While not for everyone, if you're an adventurous snacker then give these a try. But make sure you have a cold cola nearby to extinguish the "dynamite" explosion of flavor!

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