Scarpelli's Family Restaurant, Torrington, CT: KITCHEN SINK DOG 'N' CLAM STRIPS!

Scarpelli's Family Restaurant has been serving up tasty memories in Torrington, CT since 1936. Everyone in town has their favorite Scarpelli's story. In the 60s, the local high school group, The Hangers, would enjoy hot dogs and burgers at Scarps then drag race out in front! Scarpelli's is still making fond memories today with their down-home, one-of-a-kind offerings.

One of Scarpelli's most sought after menu items is their footlong hot dog, so on a recent visit we opted for the impressive Kitchen Sink Dog, which is presented on a fresh grinder roll with bacon, chili, American cheese, sauerkraut, raw onions and served with Scarpelli's famous crinkle cut fries. The dog was magical with all of the ingredients perfectly melding together to create a taste sensation like nothing we've ever had. We loved it! We also asked for a side of fried clam strips which where fresh, piping hot and chewy. The fries were lovely as well, although we were told later by a Scarps regular to order them well done next time.

And there will be a next time! We can't wait to return and try more offerings like their Cheeseburger Grinder, Eggplant Fries or one of their well-known breakfast items. Scarpelli's is the kind of place you want to eat at for every meal. If you find yourself hungry in the foothills of northwest Connecticut, give Scarpelli's a go!

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