Shake Shack Chick'n Bites: CHICKEN NUGGETS GOLD!

Shake Shack's best kept secret is their delectable NEW Chick'n Bites! Not available on the Shake Shack app, this menu item can only be ordered at kiosks at select locations. For these heavenly nibbles, all-natural, fresh whole chunks of chicken breast are first cooked sous vide (vacuum sealed and cooked in a temperature-controlled water bath) then battered and deep fried till they're crispy and golden.

These are by far some of the best chicken nuggets we've ever had because the chicken is so perfectly seasoned and juicy and the outer coating is peppery, crunchy and super tasty. Chick'n Bites are available in six-piece ($4.39) or 10-piece ($6.39). Choose between creamy honey mustard, smoky sweet BBQ, Shack Sauce or cheese sauce for dipping.

    image Shake Shack

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