On our recent trip to Hawaii, we visited Slappy Cakes, the global phenomenon and family favorite restaurant that features do-it-yourself pancakes! Slappy Cakes started in Portland, Oregon in 2009 but has since gone international. Everyone is going bonkers over the DIY pancake concept where you and your family make your own pancakes right at the table!

You can also order off the kitchen menu, which is exactly what we did. Our waiter pointed us to his favorite dish, the Banana Bread French Toast. This sinful meal consists of homemade macadamia banana bread slices dipped in custard and grilled then served with eggs and candied bacon. We opted to pour the Hawaiian favorite, coconut syrup, all over our french bread and we were instantly transported to flavor heaven! With the sticky sweet candied macadamia bacon and fried eggs, this meal was like eating dessert and breakfast all at once!

We loved Slappy Cakes and can't wait to return and try flipping our own flapjacks!

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