Slow's Bar BQ Detroit: Smokin' Hot

If you're really serious about BBQ, it's worth taking the trip over to America's Motor City just to sink your teeth into Slow's Bar BQ.

This award-winning eatery dry rubs their meat with their own unique blends of spices then slow smokes the meat until it's fork tender. They also stock each table with 4 bottles of their homemade sauces: "Spicy" which is tangy and hot, classic "Sweet," "NC" North Carolina style which is vinegary with a hot sauce kick and "Apple" which is sweet and robust with apple flavor.

Try the "You Choose" entree and opt for their signature Baby Back Ribs and Carolina Style Pulled Pork. Slather eat tender bite with a different sauce for a melange of flavor! Pair the meats with Slow's homemade creamy, rich Mac-N-Cheese and their mustardy Mom's Green Beans.

When in Detroit, make the trip to Slow's Bar BQ for some good ol' fashioned downhome eating.
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