Snaxtime Tests NEW Taco Bell Grilled Stuft Nacho

We love the commercial. A scrappy teen is forced to eat a new Taco Bell nacho creation "on the go" as he makes a slow motion getaway from an angry father. We were so intrigued by the concept of a Grilled "Stuft" Nacho that we ventured out to our local Taco Bell/Pizza Hut Express to put the new food to the test.

The size seemed to match up to the commercial version of the Grilled Stuft Nacho, but the one in our hands seemed skinny and floppy. Was there anything actually inside? We took a bite and found some scraps of Taco Bell taco meat, red tortilla strips, cheese and lots of sour cream. The commercial showed some type of creamy sauce but we couldn't decipher if there was any in there. The flavors were surprisingly unoriginal and really it just felt like we were eating a generic Taco-Bell-flavored mess. In short, it was a warm tortilla "stuft" with meat, cheese, sour cream and some tasteless tortillas that added nothing but a bit of crunch and color.

We're glad it was only $1.29 and definitely wouldn't get it again. We say skip it. Splurge a little and order the classic Nachos Supreme or a Crunchwrap Supreme.

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