Over the years, Mars Chocolate North America has treated us to the classic combinations of milk chocolate and peanuts, milk chocolate and peanut butter and milk chocolate and almonds and now they are venturing into unchartered territory with their new candy bar, Snickers & Hazelnut. For this exciting snack product, Snickers is introducing the buttery taste of hazelnuts to their iconic blend of milk chocolate, peanuts, caramel and nougat.

We find it interesting that Mars has decided to make this Snickers "&" Hazelnut and keep peanuts as part of the formula. The taste of the candy bar, in effect, has a more subtle hazelnut flavor than we were expecting. Is this a cost cutting measure, or is Mars not confident that the American palate will wholly embrace the full flavor of hazelnut? While we enjoyed this new candy bar, we were hoping that it would taste more like the popular sweet European hazelnut and cocoa spread, Nutella. Snickers & Hazelnut is still a delicious and uniquely flavored candy bar nonetheless and worth trying out if you spot it.
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