Tamanegi Santaro Kado Onion Flavored Corn Puffs Japan

While browsing the Japanese supermarket Sunrise Mart the other day, we were immediately intrigued by a colorful shiny snack bag featuring what looked like corn puffs. On the bag there was a cute, albeit odd, farmer onion shoveling his onion child and we just couldn't resist investigating further. Luckily there was an English translation on the back and we learned that these were onion flavored corn puffs. Sold! 

We took our purchase back to the office and ripped open the bag. Inside we found golden tater tot shaped puffs. The texture was delicate and airy, like a Cheetos puff but even lighter. The taste was very natural and actually quite exquisite, almost soupy in flavor. The onion really came through and there was a subtle sweetness that complimented the salt and spices. 

We also felt good about eating this snack because it is made of simple, all-natural ingredients: Corn, Vegetable Oil, Onion Powder, Sugar, Spices, Seasoning. Who knew that hidden inside this fun packaging was a wholesome, delicious treat?! Japan scores big points for this snack star.

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