New York City's well-known donut spot The Donut Pub has just opened a new location at 740 Broadway near Astor Place. Serving up fresh, classic yeast and cake donuts like Glazed, Blueberry, Vanilla Iced, Chocolate Iced and Sprinkles, The Donut Pub also offers signature Croissant Donuts (Glazed, Salted Caramel, Maple Bacon, and Cannoli), specialty donuts, crullers, cookies, cupcakes, croissants, muffins and gelato, as well as savory breakfast and lunch specials like their tasty Tuna Melt and Chicken Salad Sandwich.

The spacious new location is vivid and modern yet still reminiscent of a retro luncheonette with cozy stools tucked up to a bright marble counter. Take a seat and enjoy a made-to-order coffee with your donut and chat with the friendly staff. The Donut Pub is the quintessential NYC experience as well as the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan's busy streets.

Make sure you also check out The Donut Pub's original West Village location at 203 W 14th St, open 24/7 since 1964!

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