The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987): McRib & A Movie


We ate McDonalds first.

The McRib was back in town so we picked up a couple along with some McNuggets, fries and Diet Cokes. The McRib was hotdog-like in flavor and texture, coated in a sticky, sweet BBQ sauce and loaded with sour pickles and spicy white onions. We ate our McNuggets with pure honey, the best way to eat them (we might have dipped our McRibs in honey too). The food overall was a bit stale but we laughed it off as it seemed fitting considering the movie we were about to watch was about grotesque garbage creatures.

Then we watched the movie.

"The Garbage Pail Kids Movie" is an overlooked, comedic morality tale based on the trading card sensation from the 1980's. The movie is pleasantly twisted and rude with refreshingly weird plot turns. A lonely boy, Dodger, befriends The Garbage Pail Kids, a gang of gross, rambunctious creatures who come to earth in a grimy flying garbage can. Together, they help a beautiful struggling fashion designer, Tangerine, make showstopping clothes. But Tangerine and her bully friends have evil intentions for Dodger and The Garbage Pail Kids.

We munched, we giggled, we said goodbye. A fun night with garbage on the mind.
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