The Nugget Spot: NYC Nugget Themed Restaurant

"Just dip it." - The Nugget Spot

It's always nugget time at The Nugget Spot on 14th Street in New York City. If you love nuggets, put this place on your to-do list. It's worth studying the menu before you go as the options may be overwhelming. First pick your meat (chicken, pork or fish), then how you want it crusted before it's fried. Each order comes with a choice of sauce. We tried some of their signature nuggets:

GOOD OLE NUGGET: Tender chicken breast Southern fried and served with sweet Smokin J's BBQ Sauce.

THE CARLTON: Flaky fish in a Snack Cracker Crust with Nugget Spot's secret SHHHH Sauce.

Both nuggets were well seasoned, crispy hot and fresh. The chicken and fish were both very moist and the sauces paired well with the selections. The SHHHH Sauce was creamy with a tangy kick. We asked what was in it but they wouldn't tell us!  We also got their Wasabi Mayo (not pictured) which was smooth and silky with a strong horseradish heat. It was our favorite sauce with both the chicken and fish.

We can't wait to go back and try more nugget combinations, creative sides like Nacho Mac N Cheese and daily specials like Nugget Nachos!
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