Tropical Chewy Lemonhead & Friends Fruit Candy

This time, Lemonhead is changing up his flavor to go visit his tropical pals from the island. Tropical Chewy Lemonhead & Friends puts an exotic twist on the original formula because every piece has two different flavors! Although we overall much prefer original Chewy Lemonhead & Friends, this tropical mix of fruity candy is still super fun and comes in really cool packaging. Let's check out the flavors below!

PINK-LEMONADE-LEMONADE-LEMONHEAD: This flavor is actually better than the original. Lemonhead has changed how he tastes for his island adventure and now he is way more smooth with a subtle lemon tang that is kicked up with a splash of berry flavor!

KIWI-STRAWBERRYHEAD: This buddy has a classic flavor combo of strawberry and kiwi and he doesn't disappoint in delivering a familiar taste that is sweet and tart!

CHERRY-WATERMELONHEAD: This member of the gang really packs a juicy punch. Both the cherry and watermelon flavors really shine through upon first bite!

BERRY-BANANAHEAD: We usually love both berry and banana flavored candy, but when put together the flavor seems a bit muddled and confused. This tropical friend is definitely the least popular of the bunch.

PEACH-MANGOHEAD: This dude is the most tropical tasting buddy with a strong mango flavor that is highlighted with peach. Aloha!

For some springtime fun in the sun, hang out with this bunch of tropical fruity candies!
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