Tulcingo Bakery: Mexican Pasteleria in Corona Queens

He hopped on the R Train to Times Square then transferred to the 7 towards Queens. Today he wanted to get lost. The train shot out of the dark tunnel and filled with yellow sunlight. From above, he could see pastel Ugly Betty houses in intricate grids. He got off somewhere in the 100s and began his journey. He wandered under the elevated tracks, soaking in the bustling storefronts and dilapidated signs. He bought ocean-scented shaving cream and a white plastic bowl decorated with strawberries and flowers from a 99¢ discount store. Back on the sidewalk, he noticed that mostly everyone was flavored like him and he loved it. He felt like a lump of soft butter blended into the icing of this colorful place.

A Mexican bakery called his name from across the street. TULCINGO BAKERY.  Strange and beautiful cakes and pastries greeted him when he entered. The air smelled of sugar, yeast and egg wash. He saw neon frosted sweets, glazed cheesecakes and fruity Jell-O molds like the ones he had only ever seen in the scanned pages of vintage food ads. Giant confections were dusted with white confectionary powder and crammed and swirled and twisted and cracked with vibrant pink and yellow fillings he didn't recognize. He saw a jumbo donut cut in half and stuffed with silky pudding and further down he saw a more humble donut that had no filling at all. This donut looked simple and had a lopsided hole in the middle. It was sprinkled with fine sugar. The sweet crystals glistened as they half melted onto the oily crust. The donut reminded him of himself.

$1 later he had the donut safely wrapped in a white paper bag. He whisked it home. The bag was now spotted with bleeding grease stains. He freed the donut from its suffocating confines and took in its fresh aroma. He took a bite. It tasted bright, clean and almost watery, if that was even possible. The dough was soft and the sugar gave it a sweet sandy bite. For a short time he was content, he felt appreciated and giddy. When he slept that night he dreamt of a mewing monster and cheap pizza.

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