Twizzlers Orange Cream Pop Filled Twists: WORLD'S STRANGEST NEW CANDY!

NEW Flavor of Florida Orange Cream Pop Filled Twists are Twizzlers' answer to the cool summer classic, Creamsicle Cream Bars! For this latest Twizzlers flavor variety, orange flavored licorice twists are filled with a cream flavored filling. We recently taste tested this wacky candy and here is what we found!

After just two bites of this imaginative confection, we knew it wasn't for us. Something about Orange Cream Pop Twizzlers made us feel uneasy and panicked and we later realized that's because eating it reminded us of going to the dentist. The flavor was less orange cream pop and more the orange fluoride the dental hygienist uses. The orange part of the candy was chewy with a waxy texture and the "cream" part had a gritty paste mouthfeel. Visually the candy reminded us of toothpaste or ointment coming out of a tube.

We did find the candy fascinating, however, and we couldn't stop commenting on how it was unlike anything we've ever had before. Despite the unpleasant experience, Twizzlers deserves some credit for making one of the strangest, most unique conversation pieces we've had in a long while.

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