Utz Red Hot Flavored Potato Chips: Best of America's Snacks

We are taking a bite out of America's best snack foods!

Utz Quality Foods, Inc. has been producing choice potato chips and other snack foods since 1921. Their Red Hot flavored potato chips are some of the best spicy potato chips we've had. What makes these Utz chips so good is not only spicy paprika and salt, but sugar as well, which adds a slight complimenting sweetness to the intense heat of the chili powder. These crispy firecrackers also have a nice seasoned flavor from the addition of onion and garlic.

To cool these devils down, try dunkin' 'em in some Utz Sour Cream & Onion Dip! Your taste buds will be ooin' and awin'!

For a full-flavored, crunchy and fiery HOT potato treat, grab a bag of Utz Red Hot Flavored Potato Chips and taste the fire burn!

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