Village of The Giants (1965): Dinner & A Movie

Dinner was served first. 7-Eleven's large sausage and pepperoni pizza for $5.99: a well-seasoned crisp crust smothered with a generous amount of tangy sauce under rich gooey, melted cheese topped with zesty pepperoni and ground sausage, all washed down with vanilla/cherry Diet Coke Gulps. Glazed donuts was served for dessert.

Then we watched the movie. "Village of The Giants" (1965): a sexy beach party inspired, comedy/science-fiction drive-in flick starring Beau Bridges, Ron Howard, and Joy Harmon amongst others. Brilliantly cast, the film revels in extended dance scenes, hip musical performances and amazingly cheesy camera tricks and special effects. A science experiment gone wrong results in a group of bad teens turning into rebellious giants. Confident in their new-found size, the giant teenagers decide to take over and terrorize the town!
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