Welch's Sparkling Grape Soda: Best of America's Snacks

We are taking a bite (sip) out of America's best snack foods!

Although Welch's has been around since 1869, it wasn't until 1974 that Welch's licensed its name for a line of flavored soda. Welch's Sparkling Grape Soda contains real grape juice concentrate so it has a nice juicy grape taste, but it also has artificial flavors that help make it taste like a sweet tart candy. We not only love the flavor of Welch's Grape Soda, but the design of the 20oz bottle as well. The shape, fun label design and simple white cap are reminiscent of a retro 2-liter bottle of soda! 

This fruity and refreshing jewel is not sold everywhere, so keep your eye out for this American treat.
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