Zagnut Candy Bar: Best of America's Snacks

We are taking a bite out of America's best snack foods!

Started by the D.L. Clark Company in 1930, the Zagnut candy bar stands out as a unique sweet treat with its crunchy peanut butter center and toasted coconut coating. The candy bar is now produced by The Hershey Company and it is considered a rare find as the candy is not widely distributed or advertised. Your best bet is to look in specialty/novelty candy stores and off-the-beaten-path convenience stores. If you do manage to spot this uncommon snack, snatch it up and give it a try! The simple combination of crisp peanut butter and toasted coconut creates an explosion of flavor that is unparalleled. And the subtle notes of chocolate and molasses will have you smacking your lips for more. Zagnut is indeed one of America's hidden snack secrets!
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